Last call for cookbooks, souvenirs, artifacts and all sorts of kitchen accessories!

Photomontage created by the painter  
Gérard Dansereau from the photo 
of René Delbuguet
We are a few weeks before the opening of the exhibition Jehane Benoit’s cuisine on the menu at the museum. Richard Leclerc began filming the documentary about the life of Jehane, more than twenty artists and craftspeople currently working on their work inspired by Ms. Benoît, ten restaurants and institutions have confirmed their participation by incorporating at least one recipe of her to their menu, students of the school of Sutton received 225 paper plates to decorate, the board of directors of the museum works to receive you soon ... A lot of people is collaborating on this new exhibit!

We still have some needs

While working on the construction of a reproduction of the kitchen of Madame Benoit, we found that we need lot of accessories from years 1940 to 1980 to complete it. We are looking for pans, kitchenware made of wood and metal, crockery, pots (like Mason), old microwave ovens Genius by Panasonic (she was the spokesperson), a fridge and a stove.

Your testimony, his personal belongings and old editions of his cookbooks are still welcome. The more, the better. Call Richard Leclerc at 450 538 2883 or 514 891 9560.

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