Artists and artisans provide support to the exhibition

An example to inspire you
animal made ​​with kitchen ware, 
by Veronica Filsjean.
Many artists and artisans actively participate in the exhibition by creating a work inspired by Jehane Benoit. The paintings, sculptures, ceramics and pottery will be exhibited and made ​​available to visitors in a silent auction that begins at the opening cocktail party on March 21 and ending with the closing ceremony on November 24. Each artist or craftsman will set the starting price of his work. At the end of the auction, the artist will receive that amount and any additional amount will be given to the Museum of Sutton.  

Josée Barrette, Marie Bilodeau, Olivier Burham (Forge d'Oll), Doris Chassé, Constantin, Gérard Dansereau, Thérèse Gariepy, Vandana Gillain, Nicolas Kaempf, Jacques Lajeunesse, Robert Lasnier, Stéphane Lemardelé, Marie-Claude Lord, Arielle Moffett, Louise-Andrée Roberge, Isabelle SauvéSylca and Marc Tremblay accepted this invitation yet.

Any artist or artisan interested in participating can call Richard Leclerc at 450 538 2883 now.


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